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Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan (Chairman (Civil Engineering & Technology))

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I welcome you to the website for the Department of Civil Engineering at Qurtuba University of Science & IT, DI Khan. Low student-to- faculty ratios, state-of- the-art laboratories, motivated people, student chapters of professional societies, concept based knowledge by involving students in models as well as prototypes and Industrial-Departmental linkage make us truly unique. Civil Engineering is a branch of the "Engineering Sciences" which offers the most service to people and the surroundings in which they live. It is related to whatever serves human life, either directly or indirectly such as services relating to Structures, Roads, Water-Supply and Sewerage systems, Environment, Surveying works etc. Civil Engineering links all the stages of these services project works starting with the Idea, Studies and Planning, Design and Stipulations, Execution (Implementation) or (Construction Stage), Site Supervision and Operation and Maintenance. By addressing these aspects both in and out of the classroom, we are educating engineers who possess the requisite technical skills to serve as tomorrow’s leaders. This is what makes our department a place of choice for students to begin their careers in civil engineering. I invite you to explore our website for a closer look at our programs, research efforts, faculty, and other helpful information.