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Civil Engineering


Department Vision

The Department of Civil Engineering & Technology at Qurtuba University D.I. Khan strives to graduate highly qualified engineers, provide quality professional and community service to the region and the world.

Department Mission

Quality, passion, vibrancy and care are the unique and guiding principles of the Department of Civil Engineering & Technology that pave the way for the growth and capacity building of promising minds. An unmatched holistic learning experience and expertise in planning, design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering projects are highly demanded of civil engineers& technologists. This sets us to make intensive civil engineering& technology classes and shape graduates to be highly proficient professionals that have technical, supervisory, organizational, communication, financial, research and critical evaluation skills

B.Sc Engineering Program Vision

Our vision is to maintain values of integrity, diversity, merit and quality in all spheres of life to ensure socio-economic, technological and industrial growth and development in the highly competitive global environment

B.Sc Engineering Program Mission

To impart high quality education in Civil Engineering through excellence in teaching.

B.Sc Engineering Technology Program Vision

Our vision is to maintain values of integrity, diversity, merit and quality in all spheres of life to ensure socio-economic, technological and industrial growth and development in the highly competitive global environment.

B.Sc Engineering Technology Program Mission

Transform Pakistan through technology by ensuring high quality teaching and training , to develop Technologists for the benefit of society

Civil Engineering and mankind advancement go side by side since medieval ages. In computer age and technological advancements in the design, construction, and maintenance of civil infrastructure have made this field even more important. The BSc Civil Engineering degree program at the Qurtaba University of Science and Technology D.I.Khan Campus is designed to prepare competent professional Civil Engineers with special emphasis on basic civil engineering theory coupled with practical training to meet the challenges of market. Particular attention is paid to tune the important subjects such as Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geo technical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Water Resources Engineering.

Currently, for the economic growth targets set by the government of Pakistan, mega projects involving civil works such as dames, motorways, power plants, airports, new cities and infrastructure in FATA areas are to be built in near future. Keeping in view the required demand of Civil Engineers in the country, BSc. Civil Engineering and B-Tech Civil Technology are launched which meet the present and future demands of the country. Graduates of these programs are expected to be well acquainted with the following competencies during their four year stay in the University:

  • Recognize and define Civil Engineering problems and suggest practical solutions using up to date Civil Engineering practices.
  • Practical application of knowledge of science and Civil Engineering in their professional career.
  • Design Civil Engineering projects using the standard procedures for accomplishing such work.
  • Design, conduct and interpret the results of Civil Engineering field and experimental data.
  • Work effectively in diverse teams and provide leadership to teams and organization.
  • Express effectively using verbal, graphic and written forms of communication.
  • Understand the impact of engineering decisions in social, economic, environmental and global context.
  • Adhere to discipline and code of ethics of engineering profession.
  • Engage in life-long learning and recognize the importance of doing so.
  • A broad education necessary to contribute effectively beyond their professional careers.

Civil Engineers/Technlogists are employed in diversified sectors of the society ranging from government departments to architectural and town planning firms, builders, and engineering firms in the private sector. There are also career options available in education and research and development (R&D). Civil Engineers/Technlogists often work at construction sites and infrequently in offices and testing labs. Graduates will have ample opportunities of getting jobs in various departments e.g. Communication & Works (C&W), Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), FATA Development Authority, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Pakistan Railways (PR), National Highway Authority (NHA), Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), KPK Public Health Engineering Department, National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK), and many more private consultants.

The Department has the following well equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Material Testing Lab
  • Concrete Lab
  • Survey Lab
  • Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics lab
  • Highway Engineering Lab
  • Mechanics Lab
  • Undergraduate Computer Lab
  • Drawing Hall

Student of Civil Engineering/Technology will be required to carry out a mandatory field training in surveying through a Survey Camp, arranged for three weeks duration. The field training will cover comprehensively the contouring, triangulation, leveling and plan table survey under the supervision of survey experts. Completion of this training is mandatory for the award of BSc Engineering/B-Tech degree. After successful completion of training, the student will be awarded a Survey Training Course certificate.